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Does Laser Tag work with Laser rays that are harmful for the eyes?

Laser Tag works with infrared rays IR that are 100% safe. The term Laser Tag makes the question reasonable. However, it was established for business reasons in 1979 by the first release of the Star Trek (the famous tv series) Electronic Phasers toy.

Some of you may have experience from indoor Laser Tag with parallel use of laser pointers for aiming and optical effects combined with smoke machines. In our gear there are no laser addons, so no worries.

If Laser Tag works with infrared rays IR, then isn’t it affected by Sun’s infrared radiation?

It is surely affected, and in a bright day with a very high level of infrared light, the power of optical systems can be reduced to 50%. But this will have no effect to players as the power of taggers are easily adjustable in the desired levels, accordingly to the conditions of light. With the ability of adjusting the IR power from 1% to 100% the gear can perform equally from absolute darkness to a bright summer midday.

Playing in the forest can be dangerous, especially for children. Why should I choose such an activity?

Like in any other activity into the wild, there are hazards for injuries. For children, especially for those who live in the city and for adults without experience, we choose places easily accessible with low danger factors.

It is preferable for every outdoor activity to take first safety measures by wearing proper clothes and shoes. We are always equipped with an appropriate first aid kit, taking into account seasonal hazards from insects, snakes etc. We always inform players about each area’s features and the potentially dangerous places. We put signs in points that must be avoided. 

When little children are participating, they would rather not be in much larger numbers than the adults, because the control can be lost. In games for children only we pick an appropriate safe area to play.

Parents should exhort their children to leave the displays aside and play out in the real world, giving them the example themselves. For children who grow in cities, playing in nature is the best defence for body and soul!